12 June 2008

I'm Getting Weird Looks In the Convention Cyber Cafe Because I'm Basically Dancing In Place

We interrupt this previously-scheduled radio-silence to bring you some exciting news. (May you whisper "Yes!" at your computer as I did.) The Public just announced their upcoming season, and it includes Craig Lucas' The Singing Forest, which I read five years ago, saw at Long Wharf three years ago and, okay, yes, was announced in The Public's season two years ago and subsequently postponed. But fingers crossed it'll actually happen this time around. And now's the time to start the letter-writing campaign to make sure Hamish Linklater is in it again. He was heartbreakingly brilliant in the Long Wharf production. It would be a crime to cast anyone else.


Isaac said...

Are you sure those weird looks aren't because of the fervor with which you're eating those Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Combos?

cgeye said...

Hope you got things done here, and had a good time.

Allison said...

I just made an audible sound, sitting at my desk at work. Something between and sigh and a yelp. Singing Forest. Yes. Please.

And who do we have to bribe to get Hamish in it again? Just about any role might be better if Hamish performed it. Prior Walter? Hamlet? Mama Rose?

Vinegar Tom said...

this is just an exciting lineup. AND joanne akalitis doing Bacchae?? goerge wolfe directing john guare?!
I emailed oskar immediately and gave him props. it is a great season.