09 June 2008

In Absentia

Tuesday morning I'm getting on a plane with James to go to the TCG conference in Denver. Well, I'm going to the TCG conference. He's going to the National Orchestra Conference or something. But both are under the umbrella of the National Performing Arts Convention, so, hey, bonus. A couple of months ago I wrote for the NPAC blog, so in case you're wondering why I'm going to a conference otherwise attended by Artistic Directors and Executive Directors and other important high-up people, that's why. But there are a handful of cool new play folks attending, and I've sent my emails and squinted at the conference schedule, and will be meeting some great people over the course of the week.

I probably won't be getting here for much blogging while I'm out there, but that doesn't mean you have to miss me. First of all, my next column goes up at Cheap Healthy Good on Tuesday afternoon. (Did I mention I'm writing a bi-weekly column there now? I am. It's a great blog. I'm trying not to ruin it.)

I've also been wrangled, along with about 16 other people, into liveblogging the convention. (Twist my arm.) I have no idea what this means, but you can follow along here. I've been assured that, aside from email and hand-written note, I can text my entries in, so I'm basically going to twitter my way through this.

Also, do I dare?:

Of interest to all indeed.


anna said...

of freakin course you dare. be sure to report back.

Johnny said...

if you don't go to paula's workshop, i'll eat your soul.

also, sorry about drunk txting you tonight