03 June 2008

Isherwood vs. Isherwood

"There's not much point in aiming high if you can't hit your target. And is it really necessary for playwrights to dream up new worlds? ...The one we live in still provides durable material for theater that moves us, makes us laugh and allows us to see even a small frame of experience in a new light."
-- Charles Isherwood, April 2006

"I’m not suggesting that size alone matters, obviously. But if the American theater is to remain an aesthetically robust enterprise, a vital step may be removing the invisible shackles from the imaginations of playwrights, making it natural — making it possible — for them to dream huge once again."
--Charles Isherwood, June 2008

[stolen, with permission, from Isaac]


Isaac said...

That's hilarious.

I'd love to believe the second quote is an earnest change of heart after seeing two years of theatre that took his lame advice, but I don't want to give him that much credit.

Anonymous said...

I feel badly for him, because it is hard to live with mental illness, and clearly he hasn't been diagnosed. It is very sad...