05 June 2008

Not In the Mood for Creative Titles: Two More Plays, Plus Some Casting, Announced for Playwrights Horizons 08/09

When Playwrights Horizons announced 2/3rds of their season a little while back, I'll admit I was a little disappointed. Coming on the heels of a season full of exciting new voices, it was like old guy, old guy, not-so-old guy, lady who might as well be a third old guy. Sure, "old" means, like, 40, and the two old dudes are Nicky Silver and Craig Lucas, both of whom I love (and not just in the "I hate realism except for Donald Margulies" way), but it was still a let-down. Which is weird, because, hello? Nicky Silver and Craig Lucas. But going from this past season of Jordan Harrison, Kate Fodor, Sarah Ruhl, Adam Bock, and Rinne Groff to the "new" voice being Adam Rapp... I understand that this is largely circumstantial, but I like new writers and I like when they get produced, especially by good theatres, especially by stolid, established theatres, and Playwrights Horizons is both.

So when Playwrights announced the rest of the season today, and one of the plays is Christina Anderson's off-Broadway debut, I was glad. At least get one for-serious emerging writer in the mix. (I don't know anything about the other newly-announced play, except that it seems to fulfill Playwrights' yearly requirement for a play about questioning religious faith. Not that that's a bad thing - The Busy World Is Hushed and 100 Saints You Should Know were both lovely. But questioning religions faith : Playwrights Horizons :: dead babies and cancer : MCC?) There's also some hot casting in the already-announced shows - Aya Cash in Nicky Silver's play, Jonathan Groff and Cassie Beck in the Craig Lucas. I'm still trading my subscription for becoming a Hundredaire at HERE, but these are things to look forward to.

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anna said...

christina anderson like from my class at brown?? after stephen yesterday, i surely hope so. brown grads for (art) world domination!