18 June 2008

One, Two, Three

Last night I saw Annie Baker's Body Awareness at the Atlantic's Stage 2. It closes Sunday and is pretty well-sold, but head over and try your luck with the wait list (I think there is one), because this is a wonderful play. Annie's writing is sharp and surprising, and her characters are written with a really generous warmth.

Vegan Bits has a great write-up of last night's episode of "30 Days," in which a hunter spent a month living with a family of vegan animal rights activists. Crazy discovery: militant activism is much less effective than thoughtful conversation. Huh. It sounds like this was a great episode (of what I've heard is a great show - who doesn't love Morgan Spurlock?). Hopefully Kate has this DVR'd.

And lastly, Campbell Robertson, Times theatre reporter extraordinaire, is, um, going to Iraq? I don't really understand this, but he's a solid reporter, so, okay, sure. Take care of yourself out there, dude.

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