02 June 2008

Surplus Recommends

1. Eat the Document by Dana Spiotta. I got this book from James when I requested something engaging, not overwhelmingly literary, but not beachy, maybe funny. I think I said I could go for Call Me By Your Name or David Sedaris. This turned out to be perfect. It's the story of underground 70s activists, in the years after going underground, and also thirty years later. It's nothing like Call Me By Your Name or Sedaris, but just completely satisfied my need for a good read. (It also put me on a serious Dar Williams kick.)

2. Jollyship the Whiz-Bang at Ars Nova. I may or may not have just seen this for the second time last night. But Allison definitely saw it last night, and loved it. When we were talking about how much fun the show is, she said, "I didn't realize how happy I was until I realized how sad I was that it was over." I think that's a brilliant little review. People who were actually there report that last night's performance was not without mishaps - at the top of the second act the lead puppet's hand flew off - but rockstar-cum-muppet-cum-puppeteer Nick Jones handled things smoothly and with, like, seventeen extra jokes. It was delightful. So I hear. Aside from being the muppetest rocker I've ever seen, Nick Jones is really fucking funny. The whole cast is. And the band rocks hard. Go see this. I'm sure not going to again. That would be silly because, come on, I'm a grown-up theatre professional, not a pirate rock band groupie. Duh.

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surplus said...

from time to time I visit your blog and read your articles. I followed the link to the book "eat the document" and the story sounds good. I think I will buy it - cause sometimes I read english books to get a better english-skill. Thanks for your article - can´t understand why there are until now no comments. Best wishes from germany!