22 June 2008

Teh Mermaidz, I Haz Them

lolmermaidz. i am so not kidding.

Saturday afternoon I met up with James and Amanda at Columbus Circle and we took the D forever, all the way to the end, to Coney Island, for the Mermaid Parade.

I used to go to Coney Island once a summer or so with my dad and my sister, but I hadn't been back since some time in high school. It was great to be back, but, of course, I'd never seen it this mobbed.

We went past the crowds waiting on the parade route at Surf Avenue and headed for the boardwalk. Arriving about fifteen minutes before the parade was set to start, we got a great spot, just one row of people back. Kate and John, separately, joined us once the parade was underway. Which means they found us. Which is an achievement not to be ignored. Although Coney Island's abundance of very tall landmarks helped. As did being able to say things like, "Are you up to the people dressed like cotton candy? Okay, turn back."

I took 99 pictures, a few of which are below, many more of which are here. (Half way through I thought I lowered the exposure to make sure things weren't washed out from the sun. I think I did the opposite.)

I'd never been to this parade before. In so many ways it's the opposite of the Thanksgiving Day Parade I grew up with - summer, edge of the city, ragtag, pasties, sorta trickles out at the end (though Kate swears by a Santa Claus sighting). And it was wonderful. I spent the rest of the day in a sun-baked, slightly dehydrated haze, with sand stuck to my legs and SPF 50 still on my arms, but even that's a great feeling.

i think this is a zombie mermaid. maybe busting out of a bear's head? or the bear is her belt? either way - awesome.

this little girl on stilts was a rockstar.

at one point, a massive costume brigade ran up and lay down on the boardwalk, while hula hooping mermaids hula hooped above. as you can see here. pretty straightforward.

john thought this guy was pretty cute. we agreed that it can be hard to tell how cute someone is when they're painted head to toe.

waiting. maybe because of another costume brigade die-in.

"marine antoinette." (an unfortunate victim of my messing up the exposure, to be remedied eventually.) they were awesome. and if you thought that was enough, then they *vogued*.

mermaid-on-mermaid photography

we had no idea what these were. there were some loose interpretations of mermaids, variations like geisha mermaids, plenty of pirates, but these giant rubber creatures (which later maybe copulated) baffled us all. but they were undeniably awesome, and we hope the guys underneath didn't suffocate or pass out from marching around the beach in black rubber huts.

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Tina-cious.com said...

Ok not only do I a) wanna GO to a mermaid parade -- which for some reason I NEVER heard of before like 2 years ago and I grew UP in NY! but b) I wanna BE a mermaid!

...hmmm... how does on get that gig?

Off to go google that.