23 June 2008

Ten More Second Chances

Exciting news this Monday morning/ afternoon/ thing. Jollyship the Whiz-Bang, pirate puppet rock espectaculo and my current favorite thing in the world (other than friends, family, kittens, and Jesus), has been extended! It's for a mere ten performances, July 8th-20th, so move fast! The original run sold out. The critics, showing a surprising fondness for megalomaniacal alcoholic pedophiliac rapist/murderers, flat-out raved.

So have I, pretty much non-stop. But so has just about every person I know who's seen the show (same thing seems to be happening with Kung Fu Panda?), so it can't just be my predisposition for puppet theatre and my sordid history with pirate songs. (Although my sordid history with pirate songs does consistently leave me the only person laughing at the "you'll go no more a'rovin" joke.)

This show is insanely funny and rocks very hard. But not for children. For everyone else, though. Except maybe my mom. Get tickets here.

heh, "rocks very hard." i said the show rocks very hard, and here someone's skull is being crushed with a very hard rock.

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