26 June 2008

A Thing You Should Go To

This Monday CollaborationTown inaugurates (I believe) The Play Nursery™ ® ©, their new play development program "way of actively involving our community in our unique play development process," with a "3-D" reading (more on what that is below) of Jordan Seavey's new play, The Truth Will Out. (Coincidentally, that's the title of the This American Life podcast I'm in the middle of right now.) This Monday, 7pm, at the Pearl (80 St. Mark's). I will be there with at least one blogger named Isaac, and you should be too.

Jordan was in the first play I (and TempCo) ever produced, and aside from being brilliant in And Baby Makes Seven, he is a fantastic playwright and a member of CollaborationTown. I've seen a lot of their work, including maybe the only funny live sketch comedy show I've ever seen and one of the only actually-good not-obnoxious presentations at the 365 Plays/365 Days July wrap-up at the Public. They are good people who make good art. They also have some genius names for the levels of development in The Play Nursery™ ® ©:

1. Seedling! A 3-D reading of the new work. What makes it "3-D"? No ordinary reading, the "Seedling" stage features company-supported dramaturgy, replete with research materials presented and/or on display for your perusal.
2. Planting! The company "Space Camps" the piece. Space Camp is CTown's method of exploring new material/ideas by creating composition pieces based on related text, music and movement. Often site-specific, this process illuminates the world of the piece for the company the playwright(s). It’s fertilizer for the soul!
3. Pollination! A barebones workshop intented to bring the play from concept and exploration to alive on a stage. Avoiding the temptation to overthink and overdesign, we rehearse for only two weeks and present for only one weekend.
4. Harvest! After all that play farming, I'm hungry -- aren't you? Hungry enough for a FULL PRODUCTION? Let's put on a show!

Awesome, no? As the person who came up with most of the names for the Vineyard's levels of giving - which are not listed online!! did they get rid of the names?? where is my legacy!?? found them - this is an expert opinion.

Anyway, Jordan's writing is great and CTown is great and I know two people named Isaac and they're both bloggers, and you should come to this reading.


Anonymous said...

Have you played this game? Probably not!



Jaime said...

Dude, *days* ago. I've been on a TAL binge not to be topped ever again. I need some new music on my ipod.