09 June 2008

You're Welcome

This past Friday night turned into an impromptu blogger convention. I walked down from work (stopping at Bath and Body Works to redeem a two-year-old gift card!) to see The Debate Society's You're Welcome at Dixon Place, featuring the inimitable MCC (the person, not the theatre), and when I get there, where's the only empty seat, but right next to Isaac! Okay, that's just two people, but I had no idea Isaac was gonna be there, so that was a nice treat.

Also a nice treat, if by "nice treat" we mean "devious, surprising, wonderful theatre," was You're Welcome. Although I've been to director Oliver Butler's plot of community garden in Brooklyn, I'd never actually seen anything by The Debate Society before. But damn I wish I had, and I'm not missing any of it from now on. You're Welcome had a teeny short run that's already over, so I'll take that as license to not even try to be eloquent and I'll just say that I had to hold back from laughing because my cackling was getting so embarrassing. Paul Thureen and Hannah Bos,* previously seen being wrenching and serious (and tortured!) in Hostage Song turn it around and, with Michael Cyril Creighton, deliver perfectly calibrated weirdness. It had a brilliant kind of humor - a mix of recognition and surprise - that aside from being very very funny was also enjoyable. That makes no sense, I know, because funny things are enjoyable. But this was enjoyable-plus. So much fun, and left me feeling so good. Debate Society, thank you.

*Not the Hannah who was the other hostage, but the Hannah who was in the band, who was also awesome, and who has amazing hair.

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