16 July 2008

The Best Thing to Come Out of the Writers' Strike, Other Than Better Terms For the Writers

14 minutes of my commute this morning were the best 14 minutes ever, as I inaugurated the video capabilites of mysilver fox of an iPod with Act I of Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. Totally delightful. I was doing my best not to make too many ridiculous faces, but whatever, let the other people on the subway laugh - I still win.

You can watch for free online until July 20, but I splurged and did the $4 iTunes season pass - as each episode/act comes out, it gets downloaded automatically, and I have Neil Patrick Harris in my purse. (Not tied up in my basement.) He's brilliant, Joss Whedon is brilliant, Caleb can sing! The whole thing's fantastic. I'm just sad because I know how soon it will be over. Sniff. Let's enjoy this demented loveliness as best we can.


Adam said...

"I'm a funny guy" completes my life.

Fanservice for the win.

Aaron Riccio said...

These are NOT my hammer.