31 July 2008

Four Out of Four

Long, long ago, when I was but a wee thing with one year of college under her belt, I came to the city looking for internships. I could've pieced together a summer of working at a casting office and interning at a scrappy little writers theatre downtown. I ended up skipping the summer of internships entirely (whoops) for the pretty trees of Vassar's campus, but years later I realized/remembered that the scrappy little theatre was Rattlestick, which I've come to love for many reasons, none of which is the fact that THE ONLY BATHROOM IS ONLY ACCESSIBLE VIA THE STAGE.

Today Rattlestick announced their 2008-2009 season, and it is awesome. Behold:

Lady, by Craig Wright. I don't know this play, but past greatness from Craig Wright includes Orange Flower Water at Edge, The Pavillion at Rattlestick, and Recent Tragic Events at Playwrights Horizons. (He also wrote for "Six Feet Under," "Lost," and "Brothers and Sisters.") Through Craig Wright I was introduced to Edge *and* Hamish Linklater. That's amazing. Even more amazing? Lady will feature Michael Shannon and Paul Sparks. Bring it.

Geometry of Fire by Stephen Belber. I've read/heard this play in several stages of development, and I love it. It deals with a lot of Issues, but in a completely specific and character-driven way. It's a really fantastic play.

That Pretty Pretty; or The Rape Play by Sheila Callaghan. I don't actually know this play, but I've heard it's weird and fierce, and Sheila's writing is the shit. (I'm running out of synonyms for "awesome.")

The Gingerbread House by Mark Schultz (co-production with, or Rattlestick hosting a production by, stageFARM). Okay, I'm way beyond impartial about this play and Mark, since it was developed pretty much entirely with us at work, and I work with Mark, and know him and love him and blah blah blah. But let me still say, and maybe believe me when I do, that this play is funny, disturbing, full of pathos and the magical, bizarre way with language Mark has. His dialogue has a rhythm and specificity that's completely unique. I'm very excited to see this produced, and you should be, too.

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Rocco said...

That really is a stellar season. Almost subscription-purchase-worthy. Three things that never cease to amaze me are 1) Why doesn't Rattlestick have a higher profile? 2) Why doesn't Craig Wright get bigger productions? and 3) What the heck is up with that bathroom?