24 July 2008

Future Me Reminder! The Future Is Now!

Long long ago, back at the top of the show summer, I mentioned that Future Me is my one sure-thing recommendation of this year's Summer Play Festival. Well my how time flies, because Future Me is happening RIGHT NOW. We've actually missed, like, half the performances by this point. And I'm not seeing it till Friday, so I can't vouch for the production, but it's a really wonderful play and I think you should see it. And bring a sweater.


Johnny said...

I actually found the public totally normal of temperature today.

That is all.

Jaime said...

But that was the Shiva. At least a couple of weeks ago, the Anspacher (which is where Future Me is) was an icebox. I think the Shiva is so claustrophobically packed that it can't help but be a little warmer.