31 July 2008

If I Were a Playwright (I'd Hammer in the Morning, and Want to Join Ars Nova's Play Group)

Nick Jones. Annie Baker. Steven Levenson. Adam Szymkowicz. Kyle Jarrow. Pizza. Beer.

What do these playwrights and snackthings have in common? They're all in Ars Nova's Play Group. And you can be, too. Maybe. If you're awesome. Ars Nova's now accepting applications for Play Group 2009. (I heard beer and pizza may be returning for another year. But don't hold me to that. Seriously, I'm kinda just making shit up.)

Play Group is "a vibrant and eclectic group of emerging writers who gather twice a month at Ars Nova to share new work and get peer feedback... The group offers members the chance to develop their plays with peer support; to be inspired by each other’s work; to form collaborative relationships; and to build a strong sense of community within Ars Nova."

Every year (or every two? - Play Group's a two-year tenure) Ars Nova presents a collaborative project from the Play Group's members. Last year it was The Wikipedia Plays, which I immensely enjoyed. Play Group 2008's group project is apparently coming this winter. From the writers I know in the group, it is almost guaranteed to be awesome and totally weird.

This shouldn't be a hard sell - Ars Nova is a wonderful place run by wonderful people, and I've heard nothing but good from the Play Group writers I know. Application info is here.


Isaac said...

I was not accepted into the 2008 Group. :(

Second time's the charm?

Jaime said...

Fingers crossed!