16 July 2008

The Lists

Isaac's post yesterday last week seven years ago reminded me that I have long owed Kate (and the world!) this post that you are about to read here. Many months ago, when it was freezing cold outside and "American Gladiators" was on the air - so long ago that the show's back now, with an amputee competitor - Kate and I were challenged to come up with our Top Fives. It took a lot of deep consideration, and then I went and met one of mine and had to reevaluate, but I think we've got things mostly settled, new hairstylings on "The Tudors" be damned. (Okay, Kate's is settled. Mine's, like, two constants and three that are totally dependent on my mood or what's on TV.) Here I present Kate's list and mine. I leave it to you to draw the humorous contrasts. Or I'll just say that I like kinda gay steampunky nerds and Kate likes smoldering scumbags.

Kate's Top Five
(in no particular order, since she's a pussy)

Peter Krause

Jeremy "Smarmy-Hot" Piven

Edward "Hang On a Second!" Norton

"hang on a second!"

Dermot "Half-Shirt" Mulroney

Michael "Too Hot To Mock" Vartan

Jaime's Top Five

5. Paul Rudd
[this spot's always wild card, but I'll go with Paul Rudd because of the pictures I can use in the follow-up feature, which I'll be following up with soon. and because he's so pretty.]

4. Justin "Unfortunately Not Very Photogenic But OMG Have You Seen Flannel Pajamas? I Mean Don't Because It's Awful, But He Is So Hot" Kirk

3. Michael "Scroll Down for the Tat" Phelps
[and for your own sake, click on this picture to see it full-sized. a, that's what she said, and b, blogger's being weird about posting it.]

2. Justin Theroux

1. James McAvoy [whom I have loved since he was Mr. Tumnus]


Isaac said...

You, Kate and I pretty much have the same taste in men. Dermot Mulroney! Paul Rudd! Theroux! Can I have a Top 50?

Philucifer [aka Charlie Willis] said...
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Philucifer [aka Charlie Willis] said...

Gotta admit, even as a straight man I've got a man crush on the two Justins . . . And apparently, Theroux is writing the script to the next Iron Man movie.


Faustus, M.D. said...

I'm mostly with you, though I'm not sure that James McAvoy should be in the number one spot.

I started to write something asking for a few additions but it just got way too long.