21 July 2008


All ye who Google "Dominic Cooper shirtless" and end up here are still out of luck, but let this be a new era, one of Googling "James McAvoy shirtless" and ending up here and finding what you wanted! Huzzah!

So here's some silly shit I found when looking for pictures for the list.

Okay, first up, not actually silly, but James McAvoy and Stephen Campbell Moore were in a movie together! I saw this once, when it was in theatres, and adored it, but that was before Narnia and Mr. Tumnus and I didn't realize. I must see this again.

But yeah, Mr. Tumnus. I loved you way back when. I definitely leaned over to James (my friend James, not McAvoy) during the movie, but before I could get out a "Damn, Mr. Tumnus is cute" he was all, "I knew you were going to say that." And I was still all, "Damn."

She's gazing, too. Next up, a gentleman who didn't make the list, but did make a really stupid movie about Martin Luther. I was expecting Elizabeth, I got bad Lutheran propaganda. And you get this silly picture.

So serious. But so not on the list.

Paul Rudd was a special bounty of photo retardation. First, these shorts:

Note the high tops and the Serious Face. And then there's this, uh, homage to Steve Martin:

Heyyyy, he seemed to say. And I know I love steampunk and all, but this next one is just ridiculous. Is it Paul Rudd or Criss Angel?

It's a stupid fucking hat, is what it is.

But top prize really comes back to James McAvoy, and not even for another Mr. Tumnus shot. Though, okay, first, yes, another Mr. Tumnus shot:

Swoon. Best of all, though, working on so many horrible levels, is James McAvoy in, I shit you not, the SCI-FI CHANNEL MINISERIES OF CHILDREN OF DUNE.

Ahh! It's like, beautiful younger kung-fu McAvoy, reminder of my sordid history as a TOTAL FUCKING DORK, all in one shirtless package!

Ah, memories of 10th grade. He's probably saying something about the spice. And that stuff on his shoulder? I think that's him growing new skin to turn into a GIANT SANDWORM. The thing about the Dune books is that the first two were so fucking awesome, and then in the third book, a.k.a. what this miniseries is of, it started SUCKING, and making no sense and being awful, and I was like, please, just let me find out how it ends--

And then SIX BOOKS LATER Frank Herbert wrote a cliffhanger and DIED.

But James McAvoy is cute. The end.


Anonymous said...

You would have a crush on Mr. Tumnus.

- Marissa

Isaac said...

If James McAvoy was in me, I'd start sucking too.

Did that work?

He's hot.