07 July 2008

What's Going On

Spent a quiet, relaxing weekend not blogging, which is a shame, maybe, because I was supposed to email Kris this week's column yesterday. Whoops? But that's been sent in, and once I rewrite it because it's pretty awful, here are some things you can look forward to:

1. An "I'll see you and raise you one" response to Isaac's list, juxtaposing mine and Kate's. Draw assumptions based on our taste in famous men! See them be true!

2. I finished Joe Sacco's amazing work of comics journalism, Palestine, this weekend. It was amazing. I will probably at some point tell you more.

3. I spent Friday night watching fireworks from a rainy Williamsburg rooftop, and it was pretty amazing. That might actually be all there is to say about that. Until the day many years from now when I tell my kids that I spent one July 4th dancing in the rain on a Brooklyn rooftop, but other than that mom was pretty much a nerd.

4. On Saturday I did something maybe never done before in all of human history: I walked out of Ikea with exactly what I came for, no less and, most shockingly, no more. Not even a cinnamon bun. Ten months after moving into this apartment, I have chairs for my kitchen table. Well, I will, once I put them together.

More soon, on these and other fascinating topics. Happy Monday!


Anonymous said...

wow. THAT picture form Isaac's blog of Peter Krause is way better than the pictures that i found.... doooooo meeeeee

Isaac said...

I am so ready for these lists. Consider my breath held and judgments formed.

Is that your cat?!

Jaime said...

"Anon" - I doubt Peter Krause reads my blog, let alone trolls it for dates.

Isaac - Sadly, no. I ganked that video from Cute Overload, and probs should've given credit. I mean, not *sadly* - I love my cats - but it'd be a nice bonus if they took, nay, endured baths like that. They neither take baths nor look like Yoda.

Ian Allen said...

Awwww! That little cat is sooo cute!