25 August 2008


Okay, OMG, important news first! In Googling something for the post you're about to read below, I stumbled across the imdb page for The Time Traveler's Wife, and there's a lot more info there than last time I saw it, which was about five years ago.

Ron Livingston is playing Gomez! He's not blonde and Nordic, which kills that joke (wait, he's Polish, not Nordic, right?), but whatever, rock on.

Oh, that's actually it. There are a couple of pictures and I think Eric Bana, whose casting I haven't previously opposed, looks terribly wrong, but whatever. The movie comes out this Christmas. I'm not sure I'm okay with this any more.

* * *

I think I finished the last book I read (Never Let Me Go) about eight years ago. Checking my blog archives I see it's more like, well, exactly a month, but it feels like forever. I spent a couple of those post-book weeks being extra industrious, reading plays on the subway rather than a novel, but that devolved into music and Wait Wait Don't Tell Me podcasts which, though beloved, can't sustain me forever. (Also, enough magazine reading to convince me that I never want to open a ladymag again. "Enough" being 2.)

Unlike people who buy books, who amass piles of waiting novels that taunt them unread, I work off books friends lend and whatever the library sees fit to deliver off my list of requests. I don't have gobs of choices, just whatever I happen to have. Even still, a few books have been sitting around my apartment (and I mean around - two on the kitchen table, one on my desk, I think one on a bookshelf and there might also be another in my bedroom somewhere) but I wasn't compelled to crack any of them.

Until this morning of course, and five pages into Iris Murdoch's The Black Prince, I was smiling and also completely clear on why AS Byatt, one of my all-time fave novelists, has written so much about Murdoch. I haven't read any Byatt in years (because apparently she, Audrey Niffenegger, and Jean Auel are all vacationing on the same not-writing-any-new-books-at-all tropical island) and it was a surprise treat to find myself reading her same sort of wordy, intelligent, self-conscious British prose on the train this morning.

Wow, I am making gobs of sense. I'm reading a book again. And happy about that. And AS Byatt and Audrey Niffenegger need to write new books. Jean Auel, only if it sucks a lot less than the last one.


Allison said...

I must admit that I am biased, but I think Ron Livingston will make a perfect (Polish) Gomez.

Johnny said...

There are these two really good James Baldwin books I keep seeing in your office...

tarak said...

I can't stop shaking my head as a gesture of despair over the movie version of T.T's W. I have such a pretty picture of the story in my head that I really don't want Eric Bana to ruin it for me.