04 August 2008

FreshPlay, Yet Another Example of Branding By Removing the Space Between Words (That's How We Roll)

I usually keep work and blog separate (or try to, until people start saying things at staff meetings), but FreshPlay is so special and exciting that I can't not tell you about it.

This is four short plays by high school students in full professional productions. These writers are part of MCC's Youth Company Playwriting Lab, a group (run by Lucy Thurber) that I've had the privilege of working with them this year. The writers this year were across-the-board kind of gobsmackingly talented, writing brilliant, provocative, honest, lovely plays. The four featured in FreshPlay are, of course, no exception. I've come to really love these kids, but I don't think that's coloring my perception. It makes me prouder of how awesome they are, but their awesomeness is a cold, hard fact. Some of them have been writing for years, some are brand new to this thing, but all four plays are daring, exciting, funny, fresh and, yes, really really good.

The productions are also looking to be great - awesome directors like Jackson Gay and Maria Goyanes, fantastic actors (many of whom are cute boys, some of whom take off their clothes, some of who kiss each other), and some sound designer we got off the street. I've loved working with these playwrights all year, and I love being a small part of (pardon the cheesy language here) honoring their work with these productions. I'm also just psyched to get to see these plays.

The festival runs for four nights, this Wednesday through Saturday. It's two alternating programs, two plays each night. Tickets are $10. More info's here.

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isaac butler said...

I'm just happy you guys let me sleep on the Equity cot so I don't have to return to the port authority every night.

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