29 August 2008


The radio this morning is telling me that McCain's not announcing Mitt Romney as his veep? I keep expecting that to turn out to be a lie. I am that brainwashed by Wonkette.

So the options are, let me get this straight, America's Hottest Governor, aka McCain baldly pandering to the scary PUMAs with a lady veep... or Joe Lieberman, which would just be so vile it would actually kinda be good (for people other than McCain).

See, this is why I keep thinking Mitt Romney's gonna parachute in, or bust up through the stage all haHA! It actually IS me! (I can't decide if he's in some sort of superheroey getup when he does this.) The rest of it is just so ridiculous.


isaac butler said...

1) it stands for "Party Unity My Ass"
2) It's going to be Gov. Tim Pawlenty (R- Minn) who (a) has a mullet (b) barely sqeaked by at election time and (c) has been the favorite to be McCain's veep for at least two weeks.

No Sleep Here said...

You were right. The hottest governor gets it.

Jaime said...

Isaac, I'd heard this AM that Pawlenty was out, too. He was all, "Nope, I'll be at the county fair today. Peace out." I think that was him.

And NSH, true, but isn't it so transparently pandering? Like, hey, look! A girl! Vote for us!