28 August 2008

OMG, Are You Ready?

I've been spending way too much time the last few days futzing with blogger's html, and have a sleek redesign (okay, new colors and a new font) to roll out for you soon, maybe right now! Or in a little while. Or tomorrow.

I hope you'll appreciate how figuring out how to get the bottom sidebar to have its own color scheme almost made my head explode. (Or maybe you could just appreciate that blogger makes that easily customizable in some templates, but not all? And how retarded it is for them to do that? Because then if someone wants the grey background that comes with one template, they have to spend the rest of their time adding code by hand? Or maybe they themselves (i.e. me) feel really silly when they realize they could've just used the template with the customizable bottom sidebar and just gone into the html to change the background, maybe. But they're not sure that would've worked, and they figured it out, and in the end it was really quite satisfying. And dorking out about really simple html stuff is fun! And no doubt amusing for you to read!)

Point being, maybe my head already exploded, and if you've been very fond of these earthy greens and purples, get your fix now, because they will soon be GONE.

1 comment:

Tina-cious.com said...

I feel your pain.

Keep on keepin' on. It looks good so far! :)