11 August 2008

Shame I've Already Used that "Ceci n'est pas un post" Joke, Eh?

Why am I not blogging? I don't know.

Here you can watch episodes of MTV's "Undressed" for free. It's like being fifteen and watching dirty TV at two in the morning all over again!

Here you can read a great re-cap (and dismantling) of the fashions of the Olympics Opening Ceremonies. It takes a while to load, but is worth it.

And here's baby fennec fox:


Isaac said...

I love you for blogging about that "Undressed" show. I found that a week ago (because I'm more perverted than you) and have so been enjoying it.

anna said...

this show. is a joke, yes?

Jaime said...

Totally real! Did you not have cable in high school?