16 August 2008

"So he's an animated character you didn't like?" "We'll explain later."

In the car home from family gathering 1 (of 2) of the weekend, my sister and I were talking NPR, because we are nerds, and I couldn't explain the genius of "Wait Wait, Don't Tell Me" without reference an exchange which, bless the internet, is now on YouTube. For context, listen to the whole thing, or just skip to 2:05.

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The Mouse said...

I LOVE that show so much. I see Mo Rocca around my hood quite often with his little white ipod ear buds and his jaunty walk and i have to repress the urge to tackle him with love. also i saw peter sagal in a restaurant where i was having dinner--actually i HEARD him first and he was talking really loudly about HIS RADIO SHOW and HIS OTHER STUFF and i was kind of sadly turned off. but i still love him.