19 September 2008

4 1/2 Things About Music

How are you celebrating Talk Like a Pirate Day? Are you not, because it's a stupid joke that long ago ran out of funny? Do you happen, anyway, to be seeing nautical folk-rockers Great Big Sea tonight, an oddly fitting accidental observance? Me too!

* * *

Have you ever sat on the subway with your iPod in hand, sorta hoping the person next to you will see what awesomely cool thing you're listening to, and then they'll strike up a conversation because you have exhibited such extraordinary musical taste that you're obviously an awesome and fascinating person? Know what super-hip thing I was listening to when this happened to me yesterday? Chanticleer. NERD. MAGNET.

* * *

Gabe Kahane at the Zipper Wednesday night was, as expected, even more than expected, fantastic. I mean, yes, it started late, but the songs were beautiful, the ten-person (?) band was lush and sounded fantastic, and Gabe turned a song's false start into one of the most endearing running jokes I've maybe ever seen in a concert. Do yourself a favor and get all up in this shit.

* * *

(There's no good way to embed mp3s on blogger, is there?)

* * *

For the last three days or so, I've had this Los Campesinos! song stuck in my head, and only as we approach hour 60 do I even get close to thinking of tiring of it. It's such an awesome song. And then I saw this Duane Reade escalator, and was inspired:

There's red stains
all over the place,
but they're not blood they're cherry-ade.
We throw parties,
you throw knives.
It's all the same if the fizzy drinks are nice.

This is the video for the song. I love the song, and like the video, but don't like how the video changes the song into meaning something else:

Unless I have just really not been getting the song...

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MizFit said...

I celebrated ALL DAY.

amazing how my snapping at my Toddler sounded FAR nicer when I spoke like a pirate.

she walked the plank MANY MANY times on friday.