03 September 2008

Again, Save Some Animals! (This Time Hamsters, and in New York)

Okay, I was seriously not intending today to be like this, but the animal stories and calls for help keep coming, so let's round out our hat trick, eh?

Inwood is home to not only moi but also an animal shelter devoted entirely to hamsters. It's called Hamster House, and it once hosted a ham named after my friend John. And this weekend it's Hamdoption 2008!! From the Hamster House Blog (via Inwoodite):

HAMDOPTION 2008 is taking place on Sunday, September 7th, from noon to 4pm. The goal is to adopt out as many hamsters as possible into homes with loving families. If you are looking to adopt a hamster, please stop by that day! And if you know friends, family, or neighbors who are looking for a pet that is easy to care for and fun to play with, please tell them to come to HAMDOPTION 2008 / Wilhelm Day!

I will have between 20-30 baby syrian hamsters (brown, white, cream, peach, and banded) ready for adoption that day, along with some dwarf hamsters and gerbils. Right now, the hamster house is FULL, which means that the more hamsters I adopt out, the more I can continue to take in and find homes for.

Over the last three years Hamster House has taken in over 300 hamsters and assorted little creatures, finding them safe homes and naming them after my friends and Chelsea gay bars, among others. More info here.

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