16 September 2008

And Then We Will Say, We Saw Him When

I wish it were tomorrow. And not just because by then I will have moderated my first post-show talkback, which is something I am, yes, a little worried about, but mostly want to have done so my first time will be over with and I can get on to being good at it.


But also, tomorrow night is Gabriel Kahane’s CD release concert! And I am excited about that.

[Theatrically-oriented aside: According to the ticket-buying page, Gabe is "the recipient this year of a new fellowship through the Shen Family Foundation and the Public Theater with the aim to create and develop new work." Huzzah and congratulations! Now go save the American musical. End of theatrically-oriented aside.]

Being an important and influential arts blogger friends with Gabe’s manager and publicist (blah blah disclaimer, blah blah blah), I was able to steal an advance copy of his new CD.

Holy shit.

It’s just totally awesome. There’s still that one song that’s like, Poor me, I had anonymous sex and now I feel EMPTY so I will stand in the shower and try to cry, but the rest of it is gorgeous and lush and full of beautiful lyrics. I don’t know if it’s the full-CD thing or a new musical exploration, but a lot of the songs have arrangements layered in brass and strings, and it’s like nothing else I know, this indie/classical/pop/art music.

Being friends with Gabe’s manager and publicist, maybe I should find out the real name for this sort of music rather than making shit up.

But indie/classical/pop/art music it is, or that’s at least what we’ll go with. It’s really exceptional stuff, catchy melodies and intricate, modern music, evocative lyrics all highways and East Village and forest clearings.

I strongly recommend you go to Gabe’s website and listen to a few of his songs. I am personally obsessed with “North Adams.” (The other songs I'm especially in love with are not on the internet.) I hear that the CD's for sale (with tiny clip listening, probably) on iTunes. [Update: Ooh, or get it here right now for $5.77. What the heck is this site? It looks amazing.] You could swing by my office to listen to the whole thing on my iPod, too. And there's always tomorrow night, 10:30pm at the Zipper, for a small amount of money.

(All photos by Jen Snow, all stolen from the internet because a certain publicist is too busy with her "job" to tell me what pictures of Gabe to use. Said publicist is also apparently too busy to tell me if she's coming with me to Blue Man Group tomorrow night or not.)

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