30 September 2008

Cute Boys and Drag Queens, and Coming Up in 2012

I saw Wig Out! at the Vineyard this weekend, and I really enjoyed it. I mean, cute boys, drag queens... what more could a girl want? It's not the powerful elegance of Tarell McCraney's amazing Brother/Sister plays (In the Red and Brown Water; The Brothers Size; Marcus or The Secret of Sweet - all happening this spring, btw, at McCarter); Wig Out is messier, but also lighter, more lively, and so much fun. The dialogue jumps from street vernacular to stylized theatricality to something that felt almost Shakespearean. It's a little disorienting, a little muddled, but it comes together, and the production is so interesting that I didn't really care. The cast is also fantastic (and sports two really hot guys not in dresses... and a third hot guy who looks really pretty in a wig). Rebecca Naomi Jones was one of my favorite things about Passing Strange; my girlcrush on her is now solidified. (That picture is not of her.)

* * *

Carrying on my grand tradition of looking forward to productions from Improbable four years in advance, today brings news of another exciting opera collaboration from the geniuses who brought us the recent genius production of Satyagraha at the Met: City Opera has commissioned Phillip Glass to adapt Peter Stephan Jungk's novel Der K├Ânig von Amerika, about Walt Disney's life, into an opera called The Perfect American. Most exciting in this story is the news that this opera, like Satyagraha, will be produced by UK Theatre company Improbable, aka the best makers of theatre and art in the entire fucking world. Mark your calendars. Fall 2012.

When I will be 29. Jesus.


Rocco said...

hey, what was the running time of Wig Out? I can't find it anywhere.

Jaime said...

About two hours, including intermission. The first act is much longer than the second, so don't be worried when intermission ends around 8:30.

Vinegar Tom said...

I am so with you about Rebecca Naomi Jones...she is divine.