04 September 2008

Fact-Checking the RNC

Thanks to Adam for this AP article which I just, perhaps stupidly, forwarded to my dad and Republican uncle. It covers some of the exaggerations and flat-out lies that've come from Palin et. al. in the last few days. The most recent political forward I got from my dad was such an unfunny extended joke about the Satan-worshiping flag-burning abortionists of the DNC that I couldn't resist. Hey, look! A political email with information! And facts! It's crazy, I know.

I couldn't resist adding a bit about what a community organizer actually does:

These men and women serve a public duty, taking care of those who do fall through the cracks of government largesse, motivating citizens to give their time and sweat to serve society's needs without making an unnecessary dip in the taxpayer till.

Community organizers mobilize volunteers that are young and old. They work from churches and community centers. They go to work in small towns and big cities. They assist people of all ages, and all walks of life. They tutor children, care for the infirm, spend time with the elderly, get food to the hungry, clothes to the needy. They expand opportunities and improve lives.

They even make sure that voters can get to the polls on those odd Tuesdays in November.

[HuffPo, via Jezebel]

Sigh. Back to kittens.

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