22 September 2008

"How could flowers be urgent enough for a hotline?"

My friend Lila happens to be a wonderful playwright-- or, rather, this wonderful playwright happens to be my friend. And she has a reading this Friday of a beautiful, lovely, funny, sad play that, if you're free at 4 in the afternoon or have the sort of job where going to readings is part of your job, you should come see:

by Lila Rose Kaplan
Friday Sept 26, 4pm
@ The Lark: 939 8th Ave, 3rd floor

From an email The Lark sent, Lila on the impetus for writing this play:

While living in San Diego, I heard about a Wildflower Hotline. I was intrigued. How could flowers be urgent enough for a hotline? It got me thinking. When does something beautiful become dangerous? And then it hit me. Adolescence. Adolescence is when something beautiful becomes dangerous. Desire flows through our veins for the first time. Innocence transforms into experience. WILDFLOWER explores the discovery of desire and its consequences.

More info here.

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Freeman said...

Hey there!

I know Lila Rose from when she worked with Gorilla Rep one summer!

I'll try to stop by the reading, but send her my love.