03 September 2008

It Is Horrible That This Exists

Via my boyfriend* Alex Balk, today's Disturbing Thing That Is Plenty Disturbing Even Without Having Anything To Do With Sarah Palin:

Palin’s a big fan of aerial wolf hunting. What is aerial wolf hunting? Basically, you get a bunch of guns, board a plane, find a wolf, and then chase the wolf with your plane until the wolf is dead on its feet from exhaustion. Then you land your plane and shoot the wolf.

Now, look. I know that mankind is locked in an epic battle with nature and, like many of you, I hope I live to see the day when we destroy nature once and for all. But there’s something about aerial wolf hunting that just doesn’t strike me as very sporting. I think it’s the whole part where you chase the wolves hither and yon across the tundra in a goddamned airplane.

Really, is this even technically hunting? I mean, I could go in for some aerial wolf taunting, maybe, where you chase the wolf around in your plane, tire him out, land, and then get out and say things like, “SUCK IT WOLF! Now you know what the FUCKING SCORE IS!” Then you get back on the plane and get wasted on mini bottles of cinnamon schnapps or something. -The DCeiver

*not actually my boyfriend**


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