25 September 2008

Jollyship By the Sea

(or by the harbor, or the river, or whateverthehell the water by South Street Seaport counts as. By the estuary?)

Now that I've bought tickets for me and the fifteen people I've conned into coming along (Kidding! They all love Jollyship and are totally psyched! And it's only seven of us.), I don't have to worry about it selling out and can tell you that Monday October 20th at 10pm, Jollyship the Whiz Bang (as band, I assume, rather than full theatrical production) will be playing the Spiegeltent at South Street Seaport.

To refresh your tired, forgetful, September-addled minds:

The Spiegeltent is the awesome summertime venue that sprouts up on Pier 17 to house awesome circus burlesque and other crazy shit. There's also a beer garden green fairy garden with lovely atmosphere and $13 cocktails. A couple of years ago - the first Spiegeltent summer? - I saw Absinthe, the main circus burlesquey thing, and loved it.

Jollyship... Where to begin. I mean, anyone who was reading here over the summer knows about my, shall we be delicate and say fondness for this show. (You can relive the downward spiral into obsession here. This show also ignited my latent interest in learning to play the accordion. Some day.) These guys are obscenely hilarious and play some great rock music. Oh, right, and they're sort of also a pirate puppet theatre troupe. It's so awesome.

I've never seen them play a concert, as opposed to their play at Ars Nova, but I have no reason to think it will be anything less than fantastic (and it'll probably not be a straight-up music show). And it's only $15! Get your tickets here.


anna said...


but at least i get to see the elevator repair show in a couple weeks! yay for the only exciting thing to come to la this year!

Jaime said...

Which ERS show is it?

There were rumors of a Jollyship LA thing possibly happening. We'll all keep our fingers crossed for that.