11 September 2008

My Dark Past Comes to Get Me

I sent this meme to Isaac because it was amusing, and I guess he agreed because he took it on and tagged me to boot.

1. Turn your iPod (or whatever thing houses your music collection) on shuffle
2. See how long it takes you to get to a song that'll disqualify you from the Presidency.

Going into this I suspect my eventual disqualification will be for apparent homosexuality, of either the Dar Williams or my-you've-been-listening-to-a-lot-of-Ragtime varieties. Let's see.

Ha. First is some good ole Handel Messiah. We're off to a rousing start. I was wondering if Chanticleer or Trio Medieval would make it on, with all their Ave Marias actually making me more likely to be President, but this is even better.

2, Dar Williams, "As Cool As I Am" - probably pretty good for this political season: "I will not be afraid of women."

"Keene," Gabriel Kahane. Elitist indie/art music. Ivy League, even. Goes great with arugula and lattes, but otherwise inoffensive.

And at #4 I think we have it: Rammstein's "Tier." Even without translating the lyrics I'm sure this German industrial metal thing would knock me out, but let me do a little Googling...

Hahahahaha. It's about incest! I totally win! And by "win" I mean "cannot be president." Check it out:

What is a man
Who's between man and beast?
Can't separate the man
He will go to his daughter so late
She is young and she 's such sweet bait
Just as if he were a dog
With his own flesh and blood he will mate

Well there goes that dream. I tag, ignoring disqualifications for buttsex,
Joel, Isaac (not the one who tagged me, obvs), Moxie, MCC (the person, not the theatre), and the newly-back-to-blogging-but-probably-meme-averse David. Go!

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