12 October 2008

A Few Small Updates

I've been a total blog slacker lately, not just in posting, but also updating my meticulously kept sidebars. That thing's been saying I'm reading The Black Prince for the last two years or so, when I actually gave up on that book at least a month ago. In the meanwhile, The Omnivore's Dilemma came and went. (As an audio book, so I wasn't sure if it counted, but it was unabridged.) We entirely missed out on its visage, so here:

It's a really fantastic book, informative and interesting and exceptionally well-written. Michael Pollan really is as awesome as everyone says he is. This book is a must-read in a comprehensive way that few books can match - it's a great piece of writing, but also is full of knowledge that I'd say is vital for, oh, at least every American. Read it! Then get an itch to go mushroom hunting!

I've also slacked on updating the list of plays I've seen. Things have been quiet, but not that quiet. So now I'll add: Equus, Kindness, Clay, and, um, I think that's it. Damn. Things really are quiet. Alright.

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