16 October 2008

Jollyship Discount!

Nick Jones gives this discount two thumbs up.
"Yeeeaaaah!" (He seemed to say.)

I've got a very Spiegeltenty weekend coming up - Absinthe on Friday, Jollyship the Whiz-Bang Monday, and then Deerhoof on Tuesday night. I have not italicized Jollyship up there because word on the street ("the street" being Ars Nova, and "word" being what Nick Jones told me, so, yep, actually words) is that this will be much more of a rock concert than a theatre/puppet show. Which I am totally down with. Last night, when not cornering boys to talk about free-range organic eggs, I worked into no fewer than two conversations my dream to form an accordion/keytar/melodica band, but what I didn't mention is that my accordion fever was largely brought on, or revived from hibernation, by Jollyship. So rock on. Which they will. Because that's what a rock band does.

So. Wanna see Jollyship the rockband at the Spiegeltent this Monday night? Howsabout I give you a discount code to get tickets for $10? That code would be DAGOO. Get tickets here, or do it even cheaper and go to the Ticket Central box office at Playwrights Horizons (416 W42nd) to avoid the service charge.

If you don't go, well that's just entirely your own stupid fault.

* * *
Two thoughts on the picture above:
1. Is that the spot in Brooklyn where the Telectroscope was? This whole time I've assumed the photo was taken in Manhattan, but now I wonder...
2. I have the same bandanna as the bassist squatting down in front, but it doesn't make him look nearly as dykey.

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