21 October 2008

The Language of Trees

I've realized that I have absolutely no perspective or critical distance on this production. I still stand by my professional opinion that the script is exceptional. Reading it in several incarnations over the last few years, I've had my heart broken over and over.

(Back when I was a script reader, I encountered the script of 100 Saints You Should Know. My report, or my memory of it, centered on the painful beauty of a story about people trying desperately to connect, coming close, and failing. I think - failing not being a necessary part of the formula - these are my favorite sorts of stories. Or as one of our genius high school playwrights said last night, "I like to write about loneliness, people who are lonely.")

The production, too, is beautiful. (I got for-serious chills at least twice.) But what can I say about a play by a dear friend, a play I've loved for, what, three years now? After seeing the show, I realized that all I can safely blog is: "Go see this, and here's a discount code."

Go see this. Here's a discount code: LOTHIP15. That will get you $15 tickets through the end of October. After October, tickets are just $20. Tickets and info here.

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Freeman said...

Might I add (for your readers) that my college friend Natalie Gold is in this production. She's wonderful! Go see it!