24 October 2008

Truer Words Were Never Spoken, Nor Photoshopped and Posted on the Internet

Many thanks to Liisa [sic], who reminds us why you stay friends with one awesome person from high school. Because THEY KNOW:

(Along similar, less-dorky, lines.)

(NERD ALERT: I normally say that a person should stop after Children of Dune, but this image has gotten me thinking that I'll probably change that position - if you stop after Dune you totally avoid getting caught up in the cliffhangery cycle of death. Once you're into any of the sequels the overwhelming desire to know WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENS will already have been triggered, even though FRANK HERBERT WILL NEVER TELL YOU.)

(Which reminds me, this is what I was doing when I was sixteen and blogs hadn't yet been invented. Which in turns remind me that Children of Dune is already way down the downward slope of suck.)

1 comment:

Freeman said...

I just remember starting "God Emperor of Dune" and thinking "I... do not...care..." and putting it down.

I remember liking Children of Dune, though.