14 October 2008

Welcome Back to Work, Tired Girl!

And just like that, vacation is over. Waah.

Things finished off nicely with a weekend in Massachusetts with Kate and James. I dressed up like a big freaking lesbian and we hiked up a mountain (we hiked a mountain!) and went apple picking. But don't worry, I still got some quality time with The Most Comfortable Couch Ever. Saturday night we turned our half bushel (which is way more than your city mind thinks) of apples into pie, sauce, and dinner. The pie was mountainous but mediocre (though mediocre pie is still very nice), the homemade apple sauce (a new thing to me) was and is still delicious, and you can read about my Apple & Lentil Curry adventures here.

The whole week off thing was really, really good. I did a lot of sleeping in, spent some good unrushed time at the gym, and... well, not much else. I did make two excursions that I can remember - MoMA and Inwood Hill Park. The Kirchner show at MoMA is amazing, and Home Delivery is really fun. Inwood Hill Park is a fucking marvel, and I can't believe it took me more than a year to get my ass up there. "Up there" being a ten-minute walk from my apartment. And "there" being a huge, gorgeous park right on the water, lawns and benches and forest that I didn't even get to. My love for Upper Manhattan only grows.

One of my bosses gave me major shit today for having been on vacation for a week plus Monday, and waiting until yesterday afternoon to clean my apartment. This only bothers me because it's so obviously related to my office work habits, too. But whatever. My apartment is clean, my kitchen table finally has chairs, and I am awesome. But also tired. It is never a good idea to start an Ikea assembly at 11:30pm.

In cleaning I also discovered that what I thought was just kitty litter doing a poor job at odor control was no such thing! Turns out that one or more of my animals has been PEEING ON THE DOORMAT. Thanks, guys!

In other cat news: the only possible explanation for this Times story not having been emailed to me is that none of my friends read the New York Times.

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