19 November 2008

Comedy for Your Saturday

I should also point out that this Saturday, as part of Ars Nova's A.N.T. Fest, the awesome funny kids of The Impending Moustache will be performing their show, The Worst of Us, which, based on little more than some whiskey-fueled conversation, I highly recommend. Saturday is Kate's birthday, and she is lucky I love her enough to miss this show.

Founded in 2006, this innovative foursome fuses the uneasy with the innocent, the deliberate with the whimsical, and the nonsensical with the literate.

Watch two women and two men create endless possibilities as the Moustache effortlessly combines classic comedy with contemporary insanity. In this world sketch comedy is attacked with a joyous and infectious theatricality. Then it is waterboarded in a windowless motel room. Audiences are sent home to bed shaken with laughter so constant, it gives them nightmares. Beautiful, vivid nightmares.


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