02 November 2008

Hi, I Still Have a Blog

Well, I guess I'm not doing NaBloPoMo this year. I'd toyed with the idea of NaNoWriMo, but as it's a triumph for me to get to the gym twice a week or even *look* at the dishes in my sink lately, I think I should keep my goals simple. Like showering.

I totally always shower. Like, constantly.

In fact, I should be doing laundry right now, but I have this purring blob of cat in my lap, and I can't really get up.

So, where the hell have I been?

Well, PlayLabs have been thoroughly eating my brain. The second one (of four, sweet Jesus) is this Monday - Zero, by Julian Sheppard - and it's going to be awesome. The cast includes some of the absolute best people in the world, like Aya Cash and Michael Shannon. 7pm at Baruch College.

Friday I took a day off of work partially to be able to sleep in after the Starving Artists Ball, but mostly to spend the afternoon phone banking at Obama headquarters downtown. I made calls for about two hours before I was drafted to be a room captain. Because I guess competent people are that rare? Turns out the woman who promoted me ("Hey, you've been here before, right?" "Um, no, but I kinda have the hang of it." "Great, come with me.") is a dancer/actress. Theatre people rule the world.

I was a little disappointed to not be actually calling voters in swing states (that's going on now), instead calling New Yorkers to ask them to call voters in swing states (metaphonebanking), but rallying the troops was still exciting. Also exciting: "Hi, this is Jaime, I'm a volunteer with the Obama campaign in New York." Just call me Room Captain.

As I said in those phone calls, New York is the biggest center for phone banking these last few days. There's a big push to call voters in swing states to get out the vote. I had a great time at Obama HQ, but there are locations all over the city. If you have a couple of hours, drop by with a charged cell phone and make some calls. If we lose Ohio by seven votes, I will blame you. (Actually, I will blame the waitress at lunch yesterday who messed up my mom's and my lunch twice, so that the meal took so long we didn't have time to go phone bank.)

You can also make calls from home.

I have to go do laundry now, but just know that, since I was going to a sidekick-themed party, I was this lady for halloween.

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