14 November 2008

I Don't Know How to Reconcile This With Ever Reading Books Again

I didn't want to blog about this right away, for fear that my infatuation would burn itself out. But now, even though it hasn't been very long, I know we're looking at a serious, long-term thing, ready for being written about on the internet.

And yes, I know it's totally obvious I'm not writing about a boy. But I hope we still appreciate the little joke. (I bet my dad sure would.)

A couple of weeks ago there was a small story on "This American Life" about a guy who dresses up like Superman. This story was told by one Luke Burbank, and it was mentioned (passive voice, rawr!) that he, Luke, is the host of a radio show in Seattle called "Too Beautiful To Live."

[If anyone knows for real if titles of radio shows get quotesed or italicized, lemme know. Ditto for what to do with links to text that's in quotes and next to punctuation - do you include the quotes or punctuation in the hyperlinking?]

I remember the Superman story being pretty okay, but I must've been really taken with the talk radio stylings of Mr. Burbank, or at least by the lovely name of his show, because I filed it away in the back of my head to look that shit up and have a listen. Last week, I did, and hot damn.

This is a very hard radio show to describe. It's sort of like if a blog were a radio show. There's Luke and his producer, Jen "Flash" Andrews - every time he introduces her and says, "Hi, Flash," it's like the warmest thing ever, and another nickname I can lament not owning, along with "America's Favorite Cracker" - as well as resident Jew-spondent Intern Robin, and hotpants (my name for him) Sean De Tore, Japan's #1 mixer (the show's name for him). And they pretty much just shoot the shit about whatever's going on. They shoot the shit in a very engaging way. Recent topics have included shopping for fancy clothes at Goodwill, making cake-for-one in the microwave, a potential cure for AIDS, a genius John Hodgman interview, and Joaquin Phoenix's artism. (Take a moment and watch that Joaquin Phoenix video right now. I'll wait here.) There are some recurring segments, too - "Awesome/Not Awesome," for example. And it's one of the best things I've ever listened to.

The main problem with TBTL is that it's on five nights a week, for an approximate total of nine podcast hours weekly. That's a lot to live up to, on my end. (It's actually been inspiring me to get to the gym more - I might be lazy, but that's an extra hour of TBTL catch-up time!) And it is so worth it.

It is also completely infecting my head and infiltrating the way I talk (probs for the best, as these kids are really funny). Also infecting me with an intense desire to be on the radio. I do not suffer, as does a podcast/radio show-having friend of mine, from the impediment of thinking that what I have to say might be uninteresting. The radio-listening world should be so lucky.

Bravado. It's what's for dinner.

But back to things other than me (??!), "Too Beautiful To Live." Superawesome. Must-listen. They recently became a featured podcast on iTunes and doubled their podcast listenership, but in defense of my hipness I must point out that I started listening, like, a whole three days before that. And if you start listening now, you will be able to say you learned about TBTL from some hip little under-the-radar blog, rather than the bougie iTunes machine. (Damn the man.)

luke burbank welcomes you, festively


Moxie said...

I loved that Superman spot, almost as much as the story about the musician who travelled cross country to serenade a broken up couple. Subscribing, thank you!

anna said...

down the rabbit hole we go!