09 November 2008

(I Will Leave the Jokes to Three-Years-Ago Obama)

This is awesome. For-serious laugh-out-loud at a few points. In 2005, Citizens United for Research in Epilepsy hosted a roast of stone cold fox and badass motherfucker Rahm Emanuel as a fundraiser. Back then, he and Barry Obama were just members of the Illinois delegation to congress. Here's what Barry had to say:

[via Gawker, where dude-I-went-to-college-with Alex Carnevale says, "The look of love in Rahm's face as his favorite Democratic rising star keeds around with him is priceless." Word.]

1 comment:

Isaac said...

God, he's sexy.

And by he I mean Rahm.

But Barack is sexy, too.

Sexy House. 1600 Sexy-vania Avenue.

I need to go to bed.

With Rahm.