06 November 2008

Starting Tonight

Having no soul union with other men can be the most damaging wound of all.
Robert Bly, Iron John

Blair Singer is one of my favorite playwrights, but, of course, I am terribly biased. Mostly because he likes me. He's also one of my favorite playwrights to work with, also probably mostly because he likes me. I'm pretty simple like that.

Seriously, though, I thought (knew!) Blair is a totally fantastic writer before I'd met the man. He writes a sort of fast and intense realism that's exempted from my "I hate realism!" rule by vibrant language, total fearlessness, and a powerful balance of fierceness and real heart. It is a serious crime that he isn't being produced all over the place.

This is a start.

Tonight's the first performance of Blair's play The Most Damaging Wound with The Production Company (at Manhattan Theatre Source). (Directed - bonus! - by the wonderful Mark Armstrong.) I did a little bit of dramaturg-type work with Blair on this play before rehearsals, and I can't wait to see it. Don't you wait, either.

The Most Damaging Wound runs Nov 6-29, and tickets can be gotten here. Go!

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