10 December 2008

Dispatch from a Cleaner Bedroom: TBTL, Now Shilled For By Professional Journalists!

I've been spending this evening cleaning my bedroom, in anticipation of having people over this weekend to celebrate me turning OLD. So, naturally, I was killing time, and read this article, which I will share with you to continue killing time: Beautiful Thing, an exploration of my beloved TBTL. I am such a nerd for this show! You should be, too.


anna said...

i tried a podcast and found it, while likable, really kinda slow. i'm sure if i dug in further i'd fall for it, but considering how limited my time is and how many npr stories of the day are piling up, i think i'll resist further investigation for now. (cute article, though!)

Jaime said...

Yeah, it's definitely a meandery thing. Sort of like a daily 90 minutes of a blog. I don't have a ton of other podcasts - Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, This American Life, and the new RadioLab addiction my sister got me on - so this is mostly just competing with books. And everyone knows books are dead.