08 December 2008

I Like My Art Like I Like My Vegetables: Local and Procured at Union Square

Kate and I went to Union Square on Saturday. We went for the vegetables, but I set an MTA land speed record (or underland speed record) for that trip, and arrived with buckets of time to spare, time augmented by telling Kate I was in a different part of the park than I actually was. I strolled through the holiday market (good gloves and hats this year, and as always, Coko), and then headed to the edge of the square where the indie artists set up their tables.

I've got a good bit of street-bought art on my apartment walls - three prints from a photographer I used to see when I worked at the Met, a few of Kristine Virsis' prints. (To the right is one that I do not have!) The promise of holiday market spillover (or, better, shopper-poaching) always swells the ranks of the artists at these tables, overwhelming the Obama button vendors with seriously good art. Being broke, I was sorta mostly looking to see if Kristine was back in Union Square. But in my time-killing and wandering, I found a few more artists with whom I am smitten, so I will share them with you.

Also, I need some way to keep a record of them - business cards are too easily lost, and I can't keep these websites as text messages I sent to myself forever. The little new text message icon is driving me insane.

But really, I want to share the lovely, awesome things I found on Saturday, in the hope that you will think some of it is lovely and awesome, too. I had a hard time not spending my meager vegetable money on a print rather than greens for the week. (The fact that a print can be gotten for my weekly veggie budget is testament to their general affordability.) I hope to get to go back, hopefully less totally ass broke, but I encourage you to check out these websites, and check out the tables on the edge of Union Square. There is some very awesome stuff. Behold:

1. Dan Butler - handmadeinbrooklyn.com
I'm sad that my favorite print - a gorgeous, staticky, scribbly typewriter - isn't on the website, but you can see his other work, on shirts. It's very awesome.

2. Daria - animalsleepstories.com
Flipping through these prints I kept oohing and aahing, and maybe gasped out loud at one point. They're whimsical, magical, often nautical, and lovely.

3. Jesse Kuhn - rawtoastdesign.com and rawtoastdesign.blogspot.com
I strongly recommend looking through the entire gallery of illustrations here. They're beautiful and sad and funny and mean, and really gorgeous. His skills of an artist are really extraordinary. I was lucky enough to walk away with the gift of a Meathead postcard, and hope to go back to this table with pockets full of cash. Look at this:

and then read this:

This image was for the Illustration Friday "Garden" topic. Each Friday a new topic/word is given on their web site and it is up to all the artists to interpret it. Funny how a word can transport you back in time when you really start thinking about it. My mom used to let me grow potato plants in jars on our window sills as a kid (bless that wonderful woman, cause they start to stink after awhile). They grow pretty quickly so I used to get really excited to look at them each day when I got home from school to see the progress. Then at night my mind would wander beyond the science of things and imagine the little people that showed up during the day to water the vines while I was away at school.

So this was my solution and the final doodle from that thought.

Not bad.


anna said...

skills of an artist

you made me snirk.

rawtoastdesign said...

You're too kind Jamie, thanks for the lovely post and links.