06 March 2009

Rather Than a Rant About Phylicia Rashad Going Into August: Osage County, Here Is a Baby Fennec Fox

Word came late last night that Phylicia Rashad will be taking over the role of Violet, the "pill-addled matriarch" (I'm not quoting anything specific, but that must be what she's always called) of August: Osage County.

I read the news just before bed, and knew that when I woke up I'd think it had been a dream, and even last night I was sad to know that once I got to my computer I'd discover it was, in fact, true, in sad inverse of the time I dreamt Mike Birbiglia was my boyfriend.

(I have no idea if "inverse" is the right word for that.)

I am all for blogging my career to an early death and all, but I can't bear to do it quite so deliberately as a post about this would entail. So:


Moxie said...

Rashad news is totally effed. BTW I adore Mike Birbiglia, but he is a bit of a nut... probably better to keep that as a dream :)

Jaime said...

'Bit of a nut' has never deterred me. Married, though...