13 April 2009


I only have a few minutes, so this is going to be more slapdash than usual, but I've sat on this all weekend and can't keep not telling you how AWESOME Banana Bag and Bodice & Shotgun Players' Beowulf: A Thousand Years of Baggage is.

How awesome? Very.

It's a smart, messy, exuberant show - a visceral rock musical, a thematic exploration, a skewering of the academia of thematic exploration. And just a great story, well-told. Rockingly told. (I saw a couple of families with teenage boys in the audience, and this is a brilliant show to bring teenage boys to. But also theatre-lovers and Beowulf-lovers and such.) The conceptualization of the production is gorgeous and brilliant. Amazing design and choreography. They manage to create a world where one little thing - a small gesture, an article of clothing - carries so much meaning. The script is funny and smart, and surprisingly moving. The whole cast is fantastic, but I have to mention that Beth Wilmurt is a total fucking genius. Oh my god this woman is a genius. The Bay Area is a lucky, lucky place.

It's only playing through this weekend, but if you at all can see it, do. Tickets and info are here. Go!

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Tom said...

I agree! I saw the pre-NYC versions here in Berkeley, CA and if the production is anything like it was here (and I am sure it is -- box fans at end, right?) it is so worth making the time to see the show. The Dave Malloy (the composer and Hrothgar) led band was rockin'. Think of it as Rocky Horror meets Masterpiece Theater.

i also LOVE Beth Wilmurt's work -- in this and in a string of other theater and dance pieces I have been lucky enough to catch.