25 April 2009

"Hey man sorry I got all grabby"

If, for example, you're spending the night, having just visited your new baby (step)nephew in l'hôpital, at your mom's house in the suburban woods, this site is a godsend. (Because otherwise you might read a book or a magazine or watch tv, perish the thought. It's not like you've been reading the same thousand-page book since Christmas.) If you are not me-last-night, I think this site is still the shit. I wouldn't recommend anything other than reading through it in its entirety.

But here are a few highlights:

(918): Yeah...you.wanna.hang.out.tomorrow?My.space.button.is.broken.

(707): im never drinking mad dog again and i have your belt.

(857): Alright folks.. i have made history - I just hit my 2nd PARKED car SOBER withing 6 months.. :*( wtf?!

(510): So drunk, too bad you don't want this

(706): I think I'm in Tiajuana
(404): You are not in Tijuana. I saw you an hour ago
(706): I could be

(They come with area codes.)

Try not to be too inspired. Enjoy.

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anna said...

funniest i saw:

(801): i want to do you in the but
(801): t