07 April 2009

Theatre and Cookies, or, really, Cookies and Theatre

This morning at work there were two tubs of cookies, leftover from last night's board meeting, set out for office consumption. As I walked past my friend's desk, I saw this on a post-it on his computer monitor: COOKIES MAKE JOHN UGLY AT THE BEACH AND SINGLE.

"I need one!" He wrote for me: JAIME LIFTS WEIGHTS, NOT COOKIES, and we exchanged a solidarity high-five, but after taping it up, I realized, first of all, that I can lift weights and cookies, and second, that it wasn't quite what I needed. Now I've got COOKIES ARE NOT WHAT YOU REALLY WANT, which may not be 100% true, but seems to be doing the trick.

* * *

I'm happy to, at least for the moment, be back into the theatre-going swing of things. Or the swing of theatre-going. Got to go to my, I believe, second Broadway opening recently, and I would like to pen the little mini open letter: Dear producers of that show, thank you for the booze. Despite my conversion to whiskey, I am not too proud for signature cocktails of champagne and grenadine, because maraschino cherries eradicate all shame. Also: Dear first pizza place I saw open on my way to the subway, I should have waited for the second.

Then Sunday night I saw Rambo Solo. I actually just wrote all about it as part of this post, but it turned into what should be its own post, so I will set it to publish tomorrow morning, so, woot!, you get me two days in a row. Just like in the old days, when I didn't suck.


anna said...

maraschino cherries eradicate all shame

may i maybe adapt and steal this?

Jaime said...

With my blessing!