08 May 2009

And Then Three Blocks Later I Got Shat On By a Bird, I Am Not Even Kidding

The most amazing thing just happened.

Taking a walk from work just now, for sunshine and iced coffee and, let's be honest, one of those caramel macchiato biscotti from Starbucks that are going to be my undoing, I set my iPod to shuffle from "recently played," a sort of self-fulfilling ouroborous of a playlist, but hey, it's almost always stuff I like.

After a nice Tilly and the Wall it came up on a song from [title of show]. I considered skipping to the next song, being more of a music mood, less of a musical mood, but hey, what the heck, it's good stuff. I also thought, "I'm walking around Hell's Kitchen - what if I walk past Susan or Heidi? I want to be able to stop them and say, 'I am listening to [title of show] right now! YOU ARE SINGING ON MY IPOD!" I'm sure they love crazy shit like that. I mean insane-crazy. So I'm being sarcastic about them loving it.

You think you know what happens next, and you are almost right.

Not two minutes pass, as I'm still not through "What Kind of Girl is She?" when who do I see and subsequently reach out for the arm of, but Larry! (Belated apologies to anyone reading this who has no idea what the fuck I'm talking about.) "Larry!" I say, brandishing an earbud. "I'm listening to [title of show] right now!" And then Larry says, "That's me!" and I'm like, "I know."

There was a little more of that, plus a little giddiness (on both our parts, I like to think), and then we went on our ways. It was TOTALLY FUCKING AWESOME.

And then, well, see the title of this post.

But still!

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