29 May 2009

I'm Basically Just Not Gonna Use "Gay Marriage," At Least In This Email

I just sent this email to my sister, parents, and grandparents - all my relatives who live in New York State. If you have relatives in New York State, especially on Long Island or upstate (as much as I protest that my hometown is NOT upstate, because we have malls, not cows), I encourage you to do something similar.

Hi Family. I was on the website of New Yorkers for Marriage Equality to make sure my senator was supporting the Marriage Equality bill, and luckily he is (at least he has more sense about this than the MTA), but based on the map, I think your senators are either undecided or opposed. (If I'm reading the map right, Dad, your senator's undecided, and the guy from Rockland wants to vote no.) Since what has the most power to sway congresspeople is hearing from their own constituents, I hope you'll check out the website and get in touch with your senator.

I hope I don't have to try to persuade you that this is a civil rights and equality issue. (But give me the chance and I will.) I think it's hugely important, and your taking a few minutes to get in touch with your senator, and maybe a couple more minutes to pass this on to other people throughout the state, can contribute towards a major impact.

All the information is here: http://www.newyorkequality.com/ Please contact your senator and forward this on.

(All of NYC is not necessarily safe yes votes, either. There are some opposed or undecided state senators in the boroughs.)


Anonymous said...

I sent my letter yo

Jaime said...

Thanks, Zaidi.